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Author of Lucid

Katherine Angela Yeboah

I am a mystery author. My novel, Lucid, tells the story of a beautiful, young college student who is being haunted by horrific nightmares about her mysterious neighbor. Are these terrifying dreams really just the product of her imagination, or is there more to them than that?

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Lucid by Katherine Angela Yeboah

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Ever had a dream so disturbing…you couldn’t get it out of your head?

Ever had a dream so disturbing…you couldn’t get it out of your head?

Sloane Solomon is a beautiful, young college student who begins experimenting with a very intense type of dreaming known as ‘lucid dreaming’. At first, she really enjoys these dreams that are much more vivid and memorable than any she has experienced before. But her dreams quickly turn into disturbing nightmares, when she finds herself gazing into her neighbor’s apartment. There, she is confronted by horrific visions of a battered teenager who is being held captive in a tiny, hidden room.

Sloane tries to forget the nightmares and chalk them up to an overactive imagination. But more frightening dreams follow, and she can’t help wondering if there might be some element of truth behind them. To make matters worse, her neighbor has began to act very strangely, fueling her fears that maybe he isn’t as innocent as he once seemed.

Is it all in her head, or is this mysterious man really hiding a hideous secret in the darkest corner of his home? Sloane is so determined to expose her neighbor and rescue the tortured victim who haunts her dreams, that she hatches an extremely risky plot to uncover the truth. But the answers that await her could turn out to be the most frightening nightmare of all.

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Lucid Receives a 4 Star Review!

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My novel, Lucid, received a great review and 4 out of 5 stars on the Manic Readers website!

The review:

Sloane is a typical college student who spends her free time hanging out with her friends. Her best friend, Alex, and Alex’s boyfriend, Silas, begin talking about dreams and their significance on one such occasion. Over the next few days, Sloane’s dreams become more and more detailed and disturbing. She enlists the aid of her friends in dispelling her belief that one of her dreams is, in fact, real. Every day she becomes more and more afraid to fall asleep and dream of the things that lead her to believe the unthinkable about someone close to her.

When I finished reading Lucidby Katherine Angela Yeboah, I had to sit a minute and digest the possibilities evoked by this story. The dreams and their explanations kept me up at night wondering about their significance. When I wasn’t reading, I found myself mulling over the scenes and the characters. While this is a definite page-turner, the reader should savor each page. The plot of this book is so intense that it is hidden until the unveiling at the end. It left me stunned. This book is so well written that it will remain with you long after you are done reading it. It will follow you every time you dream. Few books have affected me so intensely. I plan to follow this author like a feline after catnip. Well done, Ms. Yeboah.

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Read Lucid on your iPhone or iPod Touch!

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Read the first two chapters of Lucid for free!

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